Honolulu airport

Honolulu airport map, guide directory / restaurants, shops, lounges

Hello there! It’s Yuko.

Today, I’d like to show you the Honolulu international airport floor directory map!

The name had recently been changed to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

This shows of the Honolulu airport departure level (second and ground floor garden level).

It has; restaurants, food court, duty free shops, souvenir shop, convenience stores. And of course, airlines check in counters and lounges and gates!

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Honolulu airport Floor map/Guide

Here is the floor map of Honolulu International airport deperture level.

**Ferragamo moved to next to brand watch shop across the Starbucks cafe.
**Victoria’s secret has closed and waiting for new shop to open.

The colors classifications are;

  • Pink — Restaurants, food court, bars
  • Orange — Duty free shops and souvenir shops operated by DFS
  • Green — Convenience, books, newspaper, snack, drinks, medicine
  • Blue — Airport lounges

In this map, the big rectangle in the center is International terminal, and the small rectangle on the right is Interisland terminal.

(I made this map by walking and researching by myself. So some points might have a little mistake, but most of all, I think (and I hope) it might be correct! If you’ll find the mistake, please be free to let me know. I would be appricated.)

In the next chapter, let’s see about the restaurants and food court.

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Restaurats and Food courts Menu

In this chapter, I’ll show you restaurants and food courts menu. Please follow the pink color rectangle in the map.

Food court and restaurants around center

Food court in the center of the map located next to liquor and tobacco shop has Burger king, California Pizza kitchen, Chowmein express(Chinese) and Pinkberry(yogurt and smoothie).

Burger King

In the breakfast menu, they have; croissant sandwiches, buisket sanndwiches, breakfast brritos, french toast pieces and so on.

In the regular menu, they have for example;
*Whopper burger, around $6.50, combo $11
*Whopper junior burger, around $4, combo $8.50
*Chili dog, around $4.50, combo $9.50

California pizza kitchen
Breakfast menu
Breakfast pizza, sandwiches, burritos.

After 10 am, they serve pizza, sandwiches(around $13) and salads(around $10-$13).

Chowmein express
Breakfast menu
*Great wall combo – rice, scramble egg, bacon or sausage, around $9
*French toast set – comes with scramble egg and sausage, around $9
*Vegetable omlet – around $6

On the regular menu, you can choose 2 to 4 choice of sides.
At first, pick one or two from the choice of fried rice, chow mein or chowfun. Then move slowly with choosing and pointing of the sides.

Restaurant “The Loacal @HNL”

In the very center of the map next to the liquor and tobacco shop, there is a restaurnat bar name is The Local @HNL.

They serve Amerian foods like; burgers, sandwiches, soup and salads.

They have sandwiches, begles, muffins, fruits cup, drinks and so on.

Samurai Sushi
This is a to-go sushi shop. They have sushi, sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruits. Sushi is round $11.50 to $15. Sandwich is around $9. You can’t eat inside, however there are table and chairs across the shop.

Umai shushi
This is Japanese restaurant. They have sushi, udon noodle, curry and so on.

Menu examples: Rainbow roll $17, Spider roll $18, spanish dynamite $17, California roll $9, cruncy california $17, hosomaki roll $6, nigiri $11~15, poke bowl $16, spicy maguro $14, crab raman $16, Gold curry $10

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Near gate 11 to 6

Quizno’s Sub
They have sandwiches, soup, salads, fruit cup, drinks and so on.

Sandwich is around $12-$13, combo $15, Salad $12, soup $4.50. They have two kinds of soup; broccoli cheese and chicken noodle.

Torn Basil Pizza
Pizza is around $9 – $10.50, sandwich is $11, salads is $9.

Tacos cart
Hawaiian BBQ chicken tacos, Kailua pork and rice tacos. Combo price is around $10, sandwich $9, fruit cups $6.

Near gate 14 to 23

The PGA Tour
This is a sports bar and restaurant.

There is a food court between gates 14 and 15. They have Lahaina chicken company, Starbucks and Coldstone ice cream.

Lahaina chicken company
They serve Hawaiian style chicken, also have pizza and pasta.

Near gate 26 to 34

Makai Plantation
They have Hawaiian, Japanese, and American food. Also they have bar.

Inter island termal

Stinger Rays
This is a restaurant and bar serves American and Hawaiian food.
On Breakfast, they have burrito, omelet, Stinger Ray’s blueberry pancake and so on.

Food Court and Others

In this terminal, they have:

  • Starbucks
  • Lahaina chicken company
  • Chow mein express
  • Burger king
  • Torn Basil Pizza

You can see in detail menu from the above.

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Wiki wiki Shuttle

Honolulu airport has shuttle service(Wiki wiki shuttle) for free. They don’t have a time schedule,however it comes around each 10 to 15 minutes. You will find the escalator going up to the third floor from these locations. Also please see the top map.

International terminal
*Next to Samurai sushi shop.
*Across from gate 12.
*Also you can catch the shuttle between gate 11 to 6, and 26 to 34.

Interisland termainal
*Across from gate 57.


Here are the locations of the airport lounges. Also please see the map of the top, colored light blue.
*American airlines and Japan airlines — upper floor of food court and The local @HNL restaurant.
*Delta airlines — across from gate 13.
*United airlines and ANA(NH) — upper section of gate 10.
*Qantas, Philippine, Korean airlines and IASS lounge — Ground level, garden area.
*Hawaiian airline — Premier lounge (next to gate 55), Plumeria lounge (catch escalator across gate 57).

Brand shops

Honolulu airport has these kinds of brand boutique shops. Also please see the yellow part of the map.

  • HERMES (bag, scarf, small items), tax free
  • PRADA (bag, small items), tax free
  • Burberry (bag, small items)
  • Kate Spade (bags, small items)
  • Salvatore Ferragamo (bags, shoes, small items)
  • Coach (bags, small items)
  • Ralph Lauren (bag, clothes)
  • LeSportsac (bag, small items)
  • FOSSIL (bag, small items)
  • PANDRA (accessory)
  • Maui diver’s jewelly

DFS across the Kate spade, they have these brand bags.
TUMI, Fulura, Vivienne Westwood, Rebecca Minkoff, Herschel.

Brand cosmetic shop

DFS has high brand cosmetics and fregrance, like:
CHANEL, ESTEE LAUDER, Christian Dior,LANCOME, CLARINS, SK-II, Shiseido, LA MAR and so on

Biggest cosmetic shop is located at the very center, across the food court. Please see orange color rectangular section in the map.

Souvenier shops

Orange color on the map shows a souvenir shop.
They have food and many kinds of Hawaiian goods,
Chocolates, macadamia nuts, cookies, candy, honey, jam, paste, dressings, coffee, tea, shirts, bags, toys, soup, fragrance, hand cream, and so on.

Most shops has almost the same items, but these two shops are little different from the others.

The shop named “Flight Deck business center” very left bottom on the map across the Umi-suhi, they have airline logo goods and Hawaiian items.

The shop next to gate 26, they have little more clothes and fashion items.

Convenience store

“Pages and pages” is like a convenience store. They have, newspapers, magazines, drinks, sandwiches, )snacks, postcards, souveniers, medicines and so on (not all the shop has all of these).

Copy, Fax, battery charging stations

“Flight Deck” has many kinds of business services.

They have, stamps, shipping services, phone card, faxing, copying,

Main shop is located across Umai-sushi, it’s very left bottom of the map.

Near the gate 28, they have plug-ins to charge buttery for free.

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